Proizvodni program

Production program includes:

Thermoinsulating glasses (thermal and solar protection)
Safety tempered glasses
Enamelled glasses (glass panels and wall coverings)
Laminated glasses (safety, sound insulation glasses and laminated glasses)
Fire resistant glasses
Glasses for furniture industry and household appliances (decorative screen printing )
Glasses for interior decoration (decorative glasses, shower enclosures and etc.)

Laminated glass is the type of safety glass composed of two or several glass sheets jointly connected with PVB film. The film and glass can be different colours and dimensions. Its usage, apart from certain light transmission, also meet the requirement for certain degree of of safety (glass stairways, glass for shop windows, balconies, eaves, glass partitions, balcony railings and etc).

Bullet proof glass: depending on numbers of glass sheets and layers of films for laminating we get bullet proof glass resistant to bullets from fire weapons. It is used for protection of specialized facilities like: exchange offices, embassies, banks, in military industry. Classification and examination of ballistic protection is carried out in accordance with the Institute for Security of the Republic of Serbia.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is the type of safety glass which is used in those glass products that require increasing pressure resistance and decreasing possibility of injuries (if glass cracks, it breaks into relatively small harmless pieces). Tempered glass is made by heating float glass up to approx. 600°C with sudden cooling by uniform impact of air on glass surface . In this way, it is more resistant to impacts and change of temperature, so it could not be additionally treated. It is used in the enterior (doors, shower cabins, fences, stairs), for structural fascades, roofs, gardens, lifts, bus stops and etc), in furniture design and household appliances (glass tables, refrigerator shelves, glass cabinets), in automotive industry, special purpose vehicle (side glasses for trams, buses, construction machines and etc.

Enamelled glass

Enamelled glass is tempered or heat treated glass (thickness of 4-24mm) with one side covered with mineral pigments completely or partially. Colors used in this way can be synthetic or water based with or no harmful substances. It is mainly used in architecture for wall coverings, lifts and surfaces providing certain light effects, in kitchen and etc.

Thermoinsulating glass

Thermoinsulating glass is composed of two or more glass sheets separated with at least one hermetically closed inter space filled with dry air or argon, cast with thiokol or structural silicone (the amount of energy passed is defined by coefficient of thermal conductivity k W/mkvK).

This thermoinsulating glass significantly reduces energy consumption and costs of installation of heating systems and air conditioning. Using ‘Low-E’ glasses (one side has thin layer of metal oxides) we block heat loss from the room and, at the same time, allow the entry of sun heat which contributes to the heating of the room. Such glass combined with argon in the inter space gives k=1,1 W/m2K.

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