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Factory is located in the industrial area in Zemun, covering the area of 4 acres between Batajnički drum and highway E-75 .Production is carried out in purpose-built manufacturing facilities in the early 80’s with infrastructure of approx. 10000m2.

Complete innovation of technology and the use of state of the art equipment for glass processing was the only possible way for further company development thus providing high quality treatment as per EU standards.

Company’s activity was logically directed towards construction, anticipating further development of construction and planned projects, as well as the need for reduction of power consumption and increase in energy efficiency in buildings all carried out in the European countries ten years ago.

Since glass became constructive material and due to the growing needs for special types of glasses which meet the requested characteristics (heat,light, sound and safety), as in the exterior (structural and classical facades, windows and etc.) so in the interior, as per the most demanding world standards, it was necessary to be equipped for such production.

Performance and quality of special types of glasses, solar protection, light transmission and reflection contribute to energy savings and provide numerous aesthetic solutions. With its production capacities, company is able to meet all demands of modern architecture and technology of production and glass processing.

Projects on which company worked solely were, exclusively, facilities by demanding investors where the European standards were fulfilled, meaning issuance of necesary certificates thus confirming requested quality.